A Closer Look Into Drive Through Car Wash

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The necessity to maintain the good looks and extend functionality and life of a vehicle are the main reasons why drive through car wash has become more and more famous today. Drive through car wash, due to it saves hassle and time, is preferred by many car owners nowadays. Today we are going to take a closer look at drive-through car washing system.

Basically there are two kinds of drive through carwashes. These are automatic drive through car wash and touchless drive through car wash. Automatic drive through car wash uses brushes and cloths, while touchless car wash utilizes lasers for washing and cleaning the cars.

The automatic drive through carwash has been in the car wash industry for decades and commonly can be found in several gas stations or independent vehicle carwashes. You can simply select the kind of carwash you like, drive your vehicle to the entrance and then set it into neutral mode. Then the car will be pulled into the bay, where a different huge brushes, cloths, hoses and sponges work together on your vehicle. Towards the last part, your vehicle will be dried off either with large blowers or manually.

In contrast, a touchless drive through car wash doesn’t require those huge cleaning equipment. This carwash service only needs cleaning substances and water. The water is directed by lasers which were specifically targeted in different portions of the car – doors, windows, tires, roof, etc.

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