Animal Photography Basic

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Ever wondered about how photographers in Discovery Magazines and National Geographic take stunning and breathtaking wildlife pictures? Discover right here how to have an excellent animal photos without going to those distant bizarre locations.

Your wildlife safari or local zoo is a perfect location for animal photography. For sure local zoos near your place have different wild animals. Get a yearly pass and pay visit as often as you want and stay there as long as you want just to take the pictures you really wanted. Avoid mobs on the peak days and times of your wildlife safari or local zoo and focus on taking your finest shots. Search for wildlife safari or zoo with least restrictions for animals that give good chance to take pictures is a lot more natural scenery. Try to set a day to visit and see animal keepers and ground staff in the zoo and be with them whenever they feed, care or wash the animals. Those are best chances to take some exotic photos.

When taking animal photo, you have to be near to your subject animal with appropriate lens which highlight the animals. Don’t take photos with so much background. You can set the aperture of your camera to the broadest which limits the depth of the field and set your camera’s focus at the subject not on the surroundings. Stay away from bad lighting situations. Perfect lighting conditions are during sunny morning or evening. To reduce blurriness and camera shake, use a lightweight tripod.

The main key in animal photography is to try to get unique and memorable moments which would make your pictures stand out among the others.