Creating the Form Submission Event

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When the forms of the website have been inspected and then the GTM tracking form trigger was set up, the next step would be to create the ‘Form Submission Event’. This creation of tag is intended to record the Google Analytics events with labels. Simple steps are here: 1.) Under “Tags”, click “New”. 2.) Replace the “Untitled Tag” with a name as “Contact Form Submission Event”. 3.) Under Choose Product, select the “Google Analytics”. 4.) Choose a Tag Type: Select “Classic Google Analytics” or “Universal Analytics” according to the tracking code you use to the website.

Any configuration to the tag is also needed.

  1. To start, on Tracking ID: Enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID for your website.
  2. Select the “Event” under Track Type. Then enter “Form” to the Category.
  3. Action: Enter “Contact Form Submission”. Rename the event category as well as the action depending on the event you want to track.
  4. Label: Enter “{{Page Path}}”. This will check what the page was submitted.
  5. Non-Interaction Hit: Select False. This means that this event will change your bounce rate, because it will be counted as an interaction on your site. You should decide if you prefer to count form submissions as interactions or not, and adjust this accordingly.
  6. Fire On: Click “Form” then “Choose from existing Form Triggers” and next click the trigger that has been created, for this example, its “Contact Form Submission” Then save by debugging the setup.

The processes that was mentioned in here will finally make the form trigger and will complete the GTM Tracking Form submission set up. That is, this tracking form is important to show confirmation on the user’s interaction with the forms for each of the pages the utilized it, for instant the ‘contact form’ on the website. Further, do you need assistance on the whole process of GTM setup, check this out.